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ACHMER_BI? ? will grow with our customers
ACHMER pursues in providing the most optimal polyester solution to powder coating companies and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through our advanced technology and continuous efforts to push our limits.

At MSChem, we are devoted to the improvement of technologies and absolute customer satisfaction. We believe that being prepared in every aspect will excel our company to a world-class level.

These Days,

Environmental issues are of significant interest and importance to the government and general.
Therefore, governments throughout the world are strengthening regulations on using VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds). Conventional liquid paints often contain a lot of sovents or water, which can contribute to land, water and air pollution and sometimes contibute to ozone depletion.
Also, with conven -tional liquid paints, wokers need to apply more than one-coating to achieve a perfect surface, so those are not cost effective.

Achmer is a pale granule powder.?It is made from the polymerization of diacids and diols, Achmer is 100% solid PE resin for powder coatings with a usage efficiency of 95% or higher. No vaporization occurs, so it is an energy efficient material, And, since Achmer does not use solvents, it is a good solution for concerns such as air pollution, odor, fire hazard, and toxicity. Achmer users can easily get a thick coating film and excellent coating performance to shorten the coating process and improve productivity with just one application. Also, users can reuse leftover paints, which makes Achmer an eco-friendly?product.

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