About Company

MSChem international Co., Ltd

Business : Powder Coatings (Poliester Resin, Additives, Wax)

Start Up : Nov 10, 2005

Company History

2005 Nov ??Startup (Private operators)?

2008 Mar ??Business area expanded into Additives for Powder Coatings

2012 Jan???Polyester Resin transit trade

2014 Nov ??Established (MS Chem International Co., Ltd)

2015 Jun? ??Take over the All sales network / Research staff / Product staff?in Alkenz & JCC

We creative a Solid Paint raw Materials

Without the use of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Easy Recycling

Beautiful surface

Excellent Property

Available One-shot Coating

Short curing time

Our technique is can make a Amazing?pattern

We can provide a solution to the final properties of the coating to customer

Because we have a paint additive manufacturing technologies and PE resin row technologies

Advanced technology & Wide sales network

This quick treble shooting and Technical Service is possible.

because it ensures the Institute on Korea